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Spot is a cryptocurrency portfolio & market tracking app. Powerfull, yet simple.

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Handle your crypto' portfolio with ease.

Add your transactions, monitor your holdings or watch currencies. Spot is the heart of your cryptocurrency world, helping you making better decisions.

And with more than 2000 currencies and 250 exchanges supported… don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems money!

Our B.I.G. (get it?) feature «Spot pair » will help you maximize your holdings. Our smart algorythm will detect the best exchanges and trading pairs to increase your revenues.

Our users get 3% bump on their holdings (USD) on average, the more you hold, the biggest the gain.
Mic. Drop.

Spot Demo on mobile phone

Cryptocurrencies, track them all!.

Lots of coins out there. Spot will help you track them and monitor the global market to evaluate trends and make the best moves.
You’ll get a global overview of the market and tools to watch more specific coins… If you need a quick glimpse or a more in depth analysis, we’ve got your back!

Ho, we also have built in notifications, no more FOMO guys!

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Advanced metrics, easier decisions.

Crypto’ specialists, data lovers, graph nerds… gather round!
We packed Spot with advanced features to explore and analyse coin’s graphs closely.

You’ll be able to make smarter decisions based on real facts and analysis: buy low, sell high!

Spot Demo on mobile phone
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    Spot application

    You’re still here ?
    OK, just for you, here’s some upcoming features

    • Multiple portfolios
    • Import & sync from wallet’s public addresses
    • Support for hadware wallets (Ledger, etc…)
    • import & sync from exchanges accounts